WHYY offers new podcast

The Why Takes a Deeper Look at the News Affecting Our Lives

WHYY is proud to introduce The Why, our latest deep-diving broadcast and podcast brought to you Monday through Thursday on WHYY-FM. Each day, hosts Annette John-Hall and Shai Ben-Yaacov talk to reporters and newsmakers to take you on a journey with stories from your neighborhood and the region at large, all to give you a fuller view and to keep important local narratives from getting lost in the news grind. Annette John-Hall joined WHYY as a reporter for WHYY’s award-winning Keystone Crossroads project, and is also the host of the our series Cosby Unraveled. Now, she will host, report, and produce for The Why. Shai Ben-Yaacov is the executive producer for The Why, as well as co-host, building on top of his experience as a former producer for Newsworks Tonight for a span of seven years.

Listen to The Why Monday through Thursday at 5:45 p.m. on WHYY-FM or anytime wherever you listen to podcasts.