Get the most out of the Philly Ad Club by volunteering. See the opportunities featured on this page, under Signature Programs, as well as the list of committees that are the heart of the organization.

If you would like further information or to volunteer, please contact Office@PhillyAdClub.com.

We thank you for volunteering and for your continued support of the many Philly Ad Club efforts and programs designed to enhance the overall future and vitality of the Greater Philadelphia Communications Industry.

Signature Programs

Philly Ad Club = 2,500 advertising, media, creative, marketing, and public relations professionals focused on the betterment of its members through education, networking, and professional development, plus enhancing our community through signature programs like these:

Mentoring – Be a mentor, provide one-on-one guidance for mentees in our industry. LEARN MORE

Teens – Join one of our teams and teach advertising in the School District of Philadelphia. LEARN MORE

2.0 (The Next Wave) – Engage with other early to mid career professionals and advance your career. LEARN MORE

Students – Get engaged with programs dedicated to those studying communications at the college level. LEARN MORE

Creative Collective – Connect with others in our vibrant creative community through programs, networking and other collaborations. LEARN MORE

If you would like further information or to get involved, please contact Office@PhillyAdClub.com.