Niche Media Acquires Philadelphia Style Magazine

Niche Media has acquired Philadelphia Style, Philadelphia’s premier lifestyle and fashion publication from DLG Media Holdings’ Dana Spain-Smith. The addition marks another significant expansion to Niche Media’s range of publications.

“It’s an incredible time of growth for Niche Media and Philadelphia is an exciting place to be,” said Brian Greenspun, Chairman of Niche Media Holdings.

“Philadelphia Style fits perfectly into the Niche portfolio,” added Greenspun Media Group President Michael T. Carr.

“I’ve known Philadelphia Style’s publisher John Colabelli since my start in the business 15 years ago,” said Jason Binn, CEO and Founder of Niche Media. “I was very impressed when he created the magazine by truly developing an entity that captures the pulse and energy of Philadelphia.”

Added Jerry Powers, President of Niche Media: “By capturing the upscale readers and influencers of the city, John has really laid a solid foundation in the market that we will build upon in the years to come.”

“I could not have found a more strategic partner than Niche to give Philadelphia Style the resources and the platform to take our business to the next level,” said Colabelli.

Philadelphia Style, established over ten years ago in 1997, will relaunch with the May issue under the Niche Media umbrella with the signature oversized glossy format chronicling lifestyle and fashion for the city’s most affluent residents. The magazine will also highlight the personalities and movers and shakers that capture the style and sophistication of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Style distributes 70,000 copies per issue. The frequency will remain the same, publishing seven times a year. Philadelphia Style Founder and Publisher John Colabelli and Editor Sarah Schaffer, and their respective staffs, will continue work in tandem to deepen the magazine’s reach and influence within the community.

About Niche Media Holdings: Niche Media, founded in 1992, over fifteen years ago, is a subsidiary of Greenspun Media Group, and is the country’s preeminent regional magazine group, with the largest network of city-specific luxury publications in the country. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, advertisers are assured that through our exclusive estate and home-delivery program, Niche Media readers maintain annual household incomes of at least $250,000, own homes valued at more than $1 million, and have liquid assets in excess of $1million, making the pages of these glossies some of the most valuable real estate.

Niche Media consistently delivers the finest editorial content and advertising to a controlled group of influencers with the highest disposable incomes in each city. Additionally, the company brings its publications’ pages to life with more than 500 dynamic A-list events across the country each year. With its 320 full-time employees, Niche produces more than 29,000 pages annually, and its titles have a combined distribution of more than 900,000. At an average of 5.9 readers per copy and more than 5.3 million readers total, Niche’s titles provide advertisers and marketers a direct connection to the most affluent people in the most desirable markets across the country.