Copy Intern

Karma Agency
Intern - Creative

Our team is looking for:

  • An evolving, adaptable writer who can take direction without being defensive

  • An ideas person who can bring insight to even the smallest projects

  • An optimistic problem solver, one who finds opportunity in challenge

  • A curious, proactive go-getter, one unafraid to ask questions

  • An organized thinker and thoughtful decision-maker with the ability to multitask

  • An individual confident in their humility; one who knows what they don’t know

Your background must include:

  • Working towards or completed an English, communications or ad-program degree

  • Demonstration that you understand the relationships between design and content as well as the potential for storytelling through both words and pictures

  • Detailed attention to grammar; know the rules—and equally as important, know when to break them

  • A book including the following: strong headline campaigns, something conceptual, long-form copy, web copy, social copy

  • Ability to commit to 40 hours a work week

  • Previous writing or ad internships in a communications setting a plus


  • Collaborate with designers and art directors to develop conceptual solutions; work with account team members

  • Own projects from concept through execution through revision

  • Develop executions that contribute to existing campaigns, maintaining the established voice and strategy

  • Perform tight turnarounds and last-minute edits

  • Possess good taste and judgment; be able to explain your ideas

  • Maintain flawless spelling and grammar, and proofread your and others’ work

  • Help senior teams maintain consistent standards

  • Learn agency workflow and anticipate next steps


●      Hourly compensation for your creativity

●      Fewer coffee-runs, more portfolio boosters

●      Possible opportunity for college credit

Please email to apply.