Account Executive

BioPharm Communications
Account Management

BioPharm Communications in New Hope PA is searching for an AE to be our client facing day-to-day contact for all account services activity. Our AE will support senior account team members in executing creative work, building effective client relationships, and managing the critical components of successful project management. They are responsible for supporting all content development and program implementation efforts of the organization with its pharmaceutical clients.

  • You will engage clients on a regular basis to manage expectations regarding timing and deployment
  • Serve as a client’s day-to-day liaison, working closely with the client and the client’s internal teams (review teams, marketing coordinators, etc) to launch programs into market
  • Assist in the coordination of outside contractors and partners
  • Develop and execute effective and efficient multi-channel programs
  • Provide on-going support to client’s and their initiatives including:
    • Representing the agency on copy-review meetings
    • Effectively driving project timelines and deliverables across a multidisciplinary team
    • Ensuring proper communication on all project plans, project plans are up-to-date, and teammates are aware of next steps (daily/weekly planning across projects)

Qualifications and Experience

  • 2-4 years of relevant experience in an advertising agency is required
  • Excellent/professional written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate and manage a large quantity of projects on an ongoing basis
  • Strong time management and project management skills

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