Account Director

Account Management

The Account Director is the most senior account person dedicated to the long-term delivery of work on a group of accounts. They partner with a Creative Director to identify client needs, develop long-term work plans, determine solutions to client business challenges, and manage client contact.


  • Understand and manage contracts for 4-6 clients
  • Understand team financial targets and manage team to meet them
  • Ensure that client work plans align with contracted burn rates and meet business goals
  • Ensure internal process adherence (project, purchasing, communication, legal, etc.)
  • Manage client expectations and show value for agency performance in order to renew clients at level greater than or equal to current contract
  • Identify and secure sales engineering opportunities
  • Identify and secure opportunities to enhance Agency offerings through service lines
  • Use agency resources (including supervisors and management) to grow client business
  • Take active role in new business efforts as required
  • Own and maintain relationships with client contact
  • Work with Planners to develop and drive brand strategy
  • Work with Planners to develop long-term marketing plans
  • Ensure client adherence to Agency process, including documentation
  • Build, manage, and maintain internal relationships
  • Ensure client deliverables meet strategy requirements
  • Understand client business problems and identify initiatives and resources to provide solutions
  • Drive mid-term (quarterly) client planning
  • Stay current on client & industry trends (advertising, higher ed, fundraising, etc.)

160/90 is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

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