An Eye-Popping New Look for Action News! Featuring AR

6abc revealed a dazzling new look, completely transforming its studio into a state-of-the-art broadcast center. Philadelphia’s news leader unveiled its brand-new multifunctional studio, accented by a slick, new graphics look. “It’s pretty dramatic.” says President & General Manager, Bernie Prazenica. “The depth of the video integration in our studio has increased in a big way. Visually, it’s just really eyepopping,but this update is more than cosmetic. The new set has great utility and allows us more versatility in our storytelling capabilities. We think our consumers will love the way this looks and feels.”

The new graphics will offer a most noticeable change to the Action News product. Prazenica noted “The graphics are contemporary, yet big and bold. They were designed with clarity being our paramount goal.” In addition to a totally new graphics look, the weather presentation will have a new experience – augmented reality. The AccuWeather presentation will now be accompanied by 3-dimensional graphics that will better allow the meteorologist to tell the weather story. Action News is the first Philadelphia TV news station to feature augmented reality weather graphics.

6abc first introduced interactive augmented reality to the United States, back in 2013.

Using an app, viewers were able to create an additional virtual 3D graphic while watching the 6abc Thanksgiving Day Parade. 6abc was the first station in America to offer this TV viewing experience. The new set was built with 1000 feet of steel, 1500 pounds of acrylic, 29 sheets of laminate, and 52 LED monitors. It took about four weeks to build and was constructed with environmentally friendly LED lighting. The previous studio set was designed and launched in 2009, coinciding with the opening of the new 6abc building.