Carl Teitelman, ad and marketing veteran, died

Carl David Teitelman, a creative force in advertising and brand marketing, died Sunday, October 22, 2017.


With a combination of curiosity, business skills and a love for brand storytelling, Carl was a recognized leader in the advertising industry for over three decades. He started as an account planner working within the Omnicom and Interpublic Group agency networks on major brands like Diet Coke, Sharp and L’Oréal. After earning his stripes in NYC, Carl returned home to Philadelphia and co-founded SFGT Advertising, which gained notoriety by producing disruptive, effective and award-winning creative campaigns. A team player and builder, he helped transform several New York and Los Angeles advertising agencies into the powerhouses they are today.


More recently, Carl was a natural fit with Bowstring Studios from day one.  He integrated seamlessly with the Bowstring family. He made an immediate impact, shaking things up in his own inimitable style and with a flare the team loved from day one. In his role, Carl used his expertise in brand management and content development to serve Bowstring clients. His primary responsibility was to build partnerships and forge relationships, and anyone who knew Carl would say these were natural roles.


“Carl was one of the great ones, not only for his professional abilities and dedication but for how he elevated those around him. With a style all of his own, he was always able to bring out the best in everyone. His incredible passion for what he loved has left a permanent mark on us all,” said Enrique Mendoza, CEO of Bowstring Studios.


Carl, or “Los” as his close circle liked to call him, was dedicated to his family and friends. He was beloved by everyone who knew him. He loved interacting with people, writing the most poignant, thoughtful (though never brief) notes and watching an idea come to life. He lived a full life and was always his authentic self (or his true brand, as he would say). Carl had a way of making you believe anything was possible. We can honor his memory by fostering that energy throughout the industry and the city that he loved, and by remembering that nice people can finish first.

Our thanks to Bowstring for this copy