Teens Program

We are so exciting to be entering our 10th Anniversary Year. The Philly Ad Club Educational Foundation TEENS Program is in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia where more than 65 volunteers from the professional ranks within the Greater Philadelphia Communications Industry conduct class sessions with students each month from September through June. Specific schools are selected in the summer of each year and teams are formed with volunteers who prepare lesson plans to be used throughout the upcoming school year.

This program was founded on the premise of encouraging more inclusive demographic representation within our communications industry. We do business in the Greater Philadelphia Area; we should represent this area in all aspects of operation. The students we impact are on track for completing both high school and college.

For the past number of years, the TEENS Program has been met with tremendous success. Each year, there are approximately 40 or more volunteers that continue with the program along with an additional 25-30 that volunteer to join the school teams and fill-in where needed.

Be Proactive, Inspire a Career!

Interested in volunteering to be part of this very rewarding program experience?  Send an email to Office@phillyadclub.com with a “Yes for TEENS” message along with your contact information and we will get back to you shortly.


The Philly Ad Club endeavors to continually inspire young public school students to strive for a career in advertising and communications. This encouragement is gained by involving these students in exercises related to advertising and related fields of interest with the ultimate goal of bringing greater diversity and demographic representation to the Philadelphia industry.

The details of this program include:

  • Get together a team of four or more volunteers (or become part of an existing team)
  • Teams are formed in the summer to start the sessions in September
  • You or your team will be assigned to a participating middle school
  • Work with school contacts to schedule sessions during and/or after school
  • Monthly sessions of about two hours each are recommended (over the 9 months)
  • It is suggested that a minimum of two members of each team go to each session
  • This equates to as few as 8-10 hours per team member (over the 9 months)
  • Team leaders will handle scheduling and member replacements (if necessary)
  • Form a rewarding relationship with the students and the school

This program is financially supported by an annual donation from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, as well as generous donations from our members and others raised through the Philly Ad Club Educational Foundation TEENS Program