Creative Collective

The Philly Ad Club Creative Collective is a newly forming division of the Philly Ad Club so all of the creative community can be involved. It is based on the mission of: “Inspiring a reputation for the Greater Philadelphia region as a hub for creative excellence, a home of exceptional talent, and a destination for outstanding creative services.” This came as a recommendation out of the strategic planning that Gary Kopervas, 20Nine, did with the Philly Ad Club in setting some new and imaginative strategic directions.

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Creative is a collective process and we want to build on this very essence of our business as the inspiration behind the new Philly Ad Club Creative Collective. More than just a new division, the Creative Collective is a mindset of inclusion, invention and excitement for a future still unfolding in amazing ways.  All centered on raising awareness in the Greater Philadelphia region around all things creative.  All for the greater good!

For years, we have come together as a community at the American Advertising ADDY Awards to celebrate the outstanding creative in our region. Now the Philly Ad Club Creative Collective gives us even more ways to connect and grow professionally with programming, networking and new business opportunities focused specifically on creative.

The Creative Collective is also dedicated to building recognition of our community as a whole by helping us think bigger than just one individual or one agency. It will inspire a reputation for the Greater Philadelphia region as a hub for creative excellence, a home of exceptional talent, and a destination for outstanding creative services. In the process, the Creative Collective will no doubt help drive more business to the Greater Philadelphia area.

Many thanks to Ray Carballada, President of ALKEMY-X; Andrew Graff, CEO of a&g; and Steve O’Connell, Partner and Executive Creative Director of Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, for sharing their vision of the future of creative in helping to lay the groundwork for this new division. Thanks also goes to Greg Ricciardi, President of 20Nine and Gary Kopervas, Vice President, Brand Strategy and Innovation, also of 20Nine, in working with the Philly Ad Club to help shape the mandate of the Creative Collective.

We hope you will join us for future events. It will be exciting to get everyone to feel the “spirit of collectivity” as we collaborate on ways to raise awareness of the imaginative work being done all around and the wonderful, talented individuals and organizations that make it happen.

Collectively, there’s no telling how far our creativity can take us!

—Jill Deardorff, President, Philly Ad Club Board of Governors

As our regional creative and agency community continues to evolve as a successful entity, it is important that together we strive for cohesiveness, mutual cooperation, and unconditional support. This is the concept behind the Philly Ad Club Creative Collective. While still in its infancy, the Creative Collective, is a body to assist in bringing a higher level of cooperation, mutual understanding, and universal success to the agencies and creative suppliers in the Greater Philadelphia region.

We feel the success of this effort is for everyone to join in and be involved, as it is important that each of us either share the glory as a doer or as an admirer of the doing.