Committees / Volunteers 2017-18

Thank you to the many volunteers who, through their efforts, make the Philly Ad Club the most vibrant, committed, and largest AAF affiliated ad club in the country.  The lists below provide recognition to those serving on committees on or around December 2017.

If you would like further information or to volunteer for any of these committees … please contact

ADDY Awards 

Committee Chair:

  • Bernie Prazenica, 6abc (President, Board of Governors)

Committee Members:

  • Matthew Born, Serif Design
  • Haleigh Bowman, Antonelli Institute
  • Ben Carter, Blue Design
  • John Clements, PHL 17
  • Allison Doumith, Temple University
  • Sera Hartung, Antonelli Institute
  • Conchetta Leustek, Antonelli Institute
  • Howard McCabe, Blue Design
  • Nicole Milstead, Temple University
  • Finnian Saylor, Temple University
  • Molly Stayman, Alkemy X
  • Spark Xu, Temple University

Creative Collective

Committee Chair:

  • Greg Ricciardi, 20 Nine

Committee Members:

  • Those with national speaker connections are welcome to volunteer to assist in recruiting and establishing key creative speaker events


Committee Leaders:

  • The primary leads on membership are the Philly Ad Club Association Management Company and the Executive Director

Committee Support:

  • Members of the Philly Ad Club Board of Governors provides support as needed
  • Those with sales and contact influence in the advertising, media, agency and overall communications community are welcomed to volunteer


Committee Leader:

  • Terri Ryan, Comcast Spotlight


Mentors in Recruiting Video:

  • Cheryl Bullock, Office of Senator Robert P. Casey
  • John Camilleri, Harmelin Media
  • John Duffin, Univision
  • Andrea Ferrino, Field Marketing Solutions
  • Tonya Murphy, Pandora
  • Bernie Prazenica, 6abc
  • Dana Weber, Seer Interactive

Committee Mentors:

  • Travis Adams, Harmelin Media
  • Chet Atkins, Jersey Premium Outdoor Media
  • Elisabeth Barnett, NBC Universal
  • Michael Braunstein, Comcast Spotlight
  • John Camilleri, Harmelin Media
  • Scott Davis, Harmelin Media
  • Timothy Day, Center City Film & Video
  • Bess Denney, LevLane Advertising
  • Dan Donovan, Backe Marketing
  • Courtney Dysart, Tierney
  • Megan Egan, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Jessica Ellis, Lagos
  • George Ennis, Comcast Spotlight
  • Tarik Ghee, Sr., Comcast Spotlight
  • Alyse Gray, Comcast Spotlight
  • Kathryn Green, Comcast Spotlight
  • Nikolas Greenblatt, 2 one 5 Creative
  • Alyse Gray, Comcast Spotlight
  • Adam Hauptman, Tierney
  • Elizabeth Howarth, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Anthony Jingoli, Comcast Spotlight
  • Joe Johnson, Shiny
  • Christina Katsapis, Comcast Spotlight
  • Rebecca Krasley, Publicis Health Media
  • Bob Latulippe, Comcast Spotlight
  • Liz Levander, Comcast Spotlight
  • Greg Lourie, NBC10
  • Rochelle, Matusow, Comcast Spotlight
  • Erin McConchie, Comcast Spotlight
  • Mike Murkley, Comcast Spotlight
  • Tonya Murphy, Pandora
  • Cory Nisbet, Bongo Marketing
  • Richard Robinson, NetPlus Marketing
  • Terri Ryan, Comcast Spotlight
  • Lisa Sanderson, Comcast Spotlight
  • Allison Schwartz, Comcast Spotlight
  • Isheeta Shah, Delphic Digital
  • Ashley Shuey, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Caroline Steuernagel, MRM/McCann
  • Terri Brogan Stinson, Comcast Spotlight
  • Carl Teitelman, Bowstring TV
  • Courtney Thomas, Tierney
  • David Thompson, Bongo Marketing
  • Michael Tolassi, Agio Brand Solutions
  • David Wrieden, Comcast Spotlight

Philly Ad Club 2.0

Philly Ad Club 2.0 is an evolution of the former Philly Ad Club YP, tailored to meet the needs of today’s aspiring advertising and communications professionals

Leadership Team Members:

  • Troy Bauer, 6abc
  • Lauren Bentley, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Michael Bress, The Franklin Institute
  • Joe Coady, Fox Run Group
  • Phil Gailer, halfGenius
  • Elizabeth Howarth, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Maria Ioannides, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
  • Jen Lassen, 6abc
  • Kate Mahler, Evoke Health
  • Brandon Mahoney, Carvertise
  • Kristin Maranki, Sidecar
  • Jenny Marder, XFINITY Mobile
  • Shelly Maxwell, Koi-Fly Creative Productions
  • Sean O’Grady, Oxford Communications
  • Toni Padula, Entercom
  • Alison Schwartz, Comcast Spotlight


Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Lyn Kremer, Consultant
  • Angelo Scialfa, Fox Run Group
  • Scott Peters, Armor

Committee Members:

  • Ruth Auslander, Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Todd Berman, NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • David Brown, Temple University
  • Kiersten Brinkos, Center City Film & Video
  • Jerry Buckley, EMC Outdoor
  • Justin Cohen, Mix Marketing
  • Brad Falk, OutFront Media
  • Mike Fanelle
  • Shannon Feck, Tonic Design
  • Stacey Grant, Koi-Fly
  • Michael Gural, Comcast Spotlight
  • Bjorn Henriques, Consultant
  • Megan Inmon, MaxPoint
  • Maria Ioannides, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
  • Geoffrey Klein, All Nine Dots
  • Arielle Joseph, Student
  • Lisa Leonard, Lisa Leonard Voiceworks
  • Regina Liu, Success Communications
  • Naveen Mallikarjuna, Naveen Media
  • Rosalyn McPherson, The ROZ Group
  • Brian Michael, Phillies Nation
  • Nicole Monte, Kio-Fly
  • Justin Morris, MaxPoint
  • Mac Nagaswami, Carvertise
  • John Roche, Intersection
  • Steve Rosen, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Rachel Smith, Campbell Soup Company
  • Greg Star, Carvertise
  • Scott Stern, VSCO
  • Jennifer Torre, Tonic Design
  • Denise Zimmerman, NetPlus

PLUS … Those with speaker contact, as well as ideas for new, inspiring programs are welcome to join this committee

Public Relations 

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Susan Buehler, PJM Interconnection
  • Steve Rosen, Aloysius Butler & Clark

Committee Members

  • Anyone with PR background and an ability to help advance the awareness and mission of the Philly Ad Club is welcome to volunteer

Scholarship Fundraising Auction 

Committee Co-Chairs (2017 Gala):

  • Amy Buckman, Philadelphia Media Network
  • Scott Davis, Harmelin Media
  • Rob MacPherson, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Dave Yost, PHL17

Committee Members:

  • Matthew Borelli, Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Tammy Catelli, Mayo Seitz
  • Matt Cowper, Beasley Media
  • Lisa DiFelice, Jersey Premier Outdoor
  • John Duffin, Univision
  • John Iannuzzi, Consultant
  • Joe Kauffman, Great Atlantic Graphics
  • Ginger Kochmer, The Creative Group
  • Ted Pacitti, Consultant
  • Ashley Patterson, Philadelphia Magazine
  • Jon Seitz, Mayo Seitz
  • Dana Weber, Seer Interactive
  • All are welcome to join this committee and influence procurement of the auction items to help raise scholarship funding for deserving college students

Social Media 

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Todd Berman, NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • Regina Kerr, SCG Advertising & PR

Committee Members

The Social Media Committee comprises two sub-groups, the Strategy Team and Event Ambassadors, who provide on-site live coverage at events.


  • Taylor Wenner, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Justin McAneny, Quench Agency
  • Kyle Krajewski, ChatterBlast Media

Event Ambassadors:

  • Molly Branton, R2C Group
  • Toni Sichel, Tierney
  • London Faust, Bellevue Communications Group
  • Kaitlyn Sutton, Temple University College of Liberal Arts

Follow us on Social Media: FacebookTwitter & Instagram. We’re always looking for experienced social media professionals to join our committee.

Strategic Planning 

  • Strategic Planning is conducted by the Executive Committee and active members of the Philly Ad Club Board of Governors


Committee Co-Leaders:

  • Dana Saewitz, Temple University
  • Ed Zawora, Antonelli Institute

Committee Members:

  • Christian Baron, Student
  • Todd Berman, NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • Lu Anne Cahn, Temple University
  • Swee-Lim Chia, Ph.D., LaSalle University
  • Victoria Cianciulli, Comcast Spotlight
  • Tiffany Clark, Drexel University
  • Lisa Delica, Drexel University
  • Sheila Doherty, Villanova University
  • Rita Dynan, LaSalle University
  • Christina Felizzi, Saint Joseph’s University
  • Danielle Fichter, Saint Joseph’s University
  • Danielle Gallo, Comcast Spotlight
  • Erica Givans, Temple University
  • Paul Gluck, Temple University
  • Anne Heisek, Student
  • Eric Herr, Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Elizabeth Howarth, Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • David Huehnergarth, LevLane
  • Hyokjin Kwak, Drexel University
  • Regina Liu, Success Communications Group
  • Jessica Luckey, Student
  • Justin McAnemy, Student
  • Mark McFadden, Immaculata University
  • Natasha Pratt, LaSalle University
  • Kim Richmond, Richmond Marketing and Saint Joseph’s University
  • Lou Rodolico, Rowan University
  • Jen Rossi, Saint Joseph’s University
  • Phil Salas, Drexel University
  • Shar Scott, Finch Brands
  • Caroline Steuernagel, Allen & Gerritsen
  • Steven Szmutko, Drexel University
  • Christie Vuoto, Villanova University
  • Dana Weber, Seer Interactive
  • Taja West, Fox Broadcasting

TEENS (working with Middle Schools in Philadelphia)

Participating Volunteers:

  • Katie Atkinson, Dietz & Watson
  • Michael, Bress, Franklin Institute
  • Katie Burns, Antonelli Institute
  • Emily Cain, Tierney
  • Rich Carango, Schubert B2B
  • Timothy Day,
  • Amy Dean, Trellist
  • Neil Dougherty, Trellist
  • Kaiti English, Harmelin Media
  • Hannah Erfle, Student
  • Erin Fitzgerald, Digitas Health
  • Carly Gardner, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Samara Grossel, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Danielle Hagerty, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Ashley Hall, NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • Lauren Hanko, Harmelin Media
  • Julie Herbster, Quattro Direct
  • Brooke Hoffman, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Tyler Holloway, Trellist
  • Kate Isbel, Discover PHL
  • Elizabeth Johnston, Tierney Agency
  • Arielle Joseph, Syracuse University
  • Sheryl Kantrowitz, Temple University
  • Christina Katsapis, Consultant
  • Nicolette Kelly, iHeartMedia
  • Dan Lee, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Michael Licata, Munroe Creative Partners
  • Mark Lipsky, The Radio Agency
  • Erin Lynch, DID Agency
  • Caitlin MacGregor, Immaculata University
  • Randy Malone, Benchworks
  • Andrea McKeffery, Munroe Creative Partners
  • Nicole Milstead, Temple University
  • Kiyana Neil, DemandLab, LLC
  • Gia Pittaluga, Digitas Health + Team
  • Jeremy Plymette, Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Richard Robertson, NetPlus
  • Emily Tara Sabalbaro, Consultant
  • Ed Samide, Domus Inc.
  • Brianna Schmidt, Munroe Creative Partners
  • Karina Sibata, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Caroline Steuernagel, Allen & Gerritsen
  • Anna Stokes, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Diane Sanfilippo, The Mills
  • Phil Salas, Drexel University
  • Dennis Stein, Comcast Spotlight
  • Sheri Wade, NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • Ryan Wall, Student
  • Xiaoye (Spark) Xu, Temple University
  • Maria Zeeb, PHL Chamber of Commerce
  • Thersa Zonia, Tierney Agency